Online Business In India 2020-2021

Online Businesses are trending these days because it requires less amount of investments and are more accessible and comfortable than an offline business these days. Though in India many narrow-minded people think that online businesses are scams and they don’t trust online.

People who have good thinking, they properly research before online business and does well in these platform.

Ideas For Online Business

There are many online businesses, which can be started at an investment of less than Rs. 500. Such as become a blogger, start a YouTube channel, start a Social Media Marketing Agency, start a Dropshipping business, become an affiliate marketer, and start publishing E-books and many more.

In fact, anyone can take their business to an online platform. Taking online can increase their brand value and reputation.

How is it possible? You must be having this question in you mind? Right? Of course, this is the power of online business. Furthermore, changes are fruitful to business. Definitely it has to be done, In particular if you aren’t opting it, you’ll be left behind.

Every traditional business has to come at online. Make your own platform or partnership with E-commerce Giants. Give them some commission, it will increase your lead or sales or branding value. Make Affiliate Marketers in your business, this will not only increase your sales revenue but also good branding image.

What’s in for you?

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Business in India.
  • Best Online Business idea for India.
  • Mentality of Indians regarding Online Business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Business in India

Let’s take Advantages first

  1. The whole world can be your market.
  2. Less expenses.
  3. Online payment.
  4. 24x7x365 Active.
  5. Less Paperwork.
  6. Increase in branding value.
  7. More opportunities.


  1. People don’t see your product, so they don’t know the right value of your product or services. Even you have some add on, they think it’s expensive.
  2. Here is no loyalty towards a particular brand.
  3. Wanting credibility.
  4. High competition as everyone is moving to online.
  5. People only trust E-commerce Giants.
  6. Misinterpretation of product or services.
  7. You can not trade in Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, etc.

Best Online Business idea for India


E-commerce is booming these days in India. Many people in India partnership with E-commerce Giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. This is a wise move. People open up their website and get very less order because their goodwill in market is not as good as E-commerce giants. There are many businessmen in India who are in fear of registering online because they think that online businesses are a fraud.


Dropshipping is a Supply chain method where one does not keep inventory with him, he transfers his order directly to the person he buys goods from. There are many people who are doing a Dropshipping business in India. If you simply want to start this business.

  1. You have to pick suppliers for your product.
  2. Get your GSTIN
  3. Design a website, app, social media platform to list your product.

Online Tutions

It is referred to as a teaching done through the internet at different locations of participants and teachers. Furthermore, it is innovative and an effective concept. Online teaching is booming in India. This option is comfortable for both students and teachers.

Due to this Covid – 19 situation in India, many schools and universities has started online teaching. Online teaching is far cheaper than classroom. There are many apps such as zoom, etc., where many people can gather and take online classes.

Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer is an influencer who has established his trustworthiness in a specific niche. Moreover, these influencers have a large audience and can persuade others. If you want to become a social media influencer then you have to follow these rules:

  1. Choose a niche you like to do.
  2. Make a perfect bio that suits your niche.
  3. Share your content with people.
  4. Make your content appealing.
  5. Use proper hashtags.
  6. Run Advertisement.

Start a YouTube Channel

Posting video content on the YouTube channel is also a wide scope in India these days. Select a niche that you are passionate about such as, if you are passionate about traveling, post your traveling videos or if you are passionate about business news like Sahil, put out your content on that. Be consistent with uploading videos. Interact with your viewers on the comment box. You can also use promotional tools on YouTube so that your content would get a good reach.

Building Apps and Websites

In India, there is very little competition in designing apps and websites for businesses. Builders charge very high to make this. You can also start this business. All you have to do is learn how to make websites and apps. Are you confused? Thinking about coding? No, apps and websites can also be made without coding. In fact, there are many tools on the Internet from which you can make websites and apps without using coding.

Trade Domains

A Domain name is your Website’s name. Indeed, Domain names are very similar to Real-estates. Moreover, you can trade your domain names in an online world. Like the real world‘s property, domain names can also be traded for some profit. Moreover, one can develop their websites and simply sell to make a profit. If you are willing to start trading then don’t go all-in instead start with making your budget to understand this business. The profitability depends on selling skills, development of website, and brand value.

Mentality of Indians regarding Online Business Ideas

Overall, In India, there are different types of languages and many people don’t know the English language. Moreover, People see English text and ignore them. Also, many Indians are narrow-minded, they don’t like to do new things.

They think technology will die soon. In fact, they think online businesses are scams. Many Indians are not patient, they want each and everything as soon as possible.

For instance, to understand well about online businesses in India

Pawan is a friend of mine. Pawan has business of the manufacturing of clothes. He was a local trader before 3 years, after that he amalgamated with Amazon, he is now supplying clothes all over India. Certainly, he earns very well. This is the advantage of joining online business. Moreover, you can make customers anywhere in the world.


In summary, online Business in India is growing gradually, people are trusting to only reputable websites in E-commerce. Online Businesses in India are such as Partnership with E-commerce, Social Media Influencer, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Starting a YouTube channel, Design Apps, and Websites. These businesses are doing well in the current scenario. Undoubtedly, It is expected that these online businesses are going to flourish.

Que.1: Which online business is profitable and scalable in India?

Ans.1: Any online business can be profitable and scalable, but these days Social Media Influencers are earning way much better than any other business. These influencers earn from two ways from a single brand i.e. Affiliate marketing and fee from the brand for representing products to their audience.

Que.2: How to start online business in India with no money?

Ans.2: Learn a skill. Become a pro in that field. Start giving online tutorials on your website or on your YouTube channel. After that monetize your channel and earn from it.

Que.3: How to sell any product online?

Ans.3: STEP 1- Find your product which are you going to sell online.
STEP 2- Build an E-commerce website or partnership with E-commerce Giants to list your product.

Que.4: Which business should I prefer Online Business or Offline Business as a beginner?

Ans.4: It totally depends on you, if you are willing to learn a skill and then going to market yourself, you are going to earn well.
As per my perspective, in today’s era it’s a hell lot of competition in offline business, why not try an online business as mentioned in the blog. If you want to reach out globally, you can do it in online business, you can make your brand value, take this opportunity, whereas in offline business it’s going to take hell lot of time, yes definitely, more than decades.

Que.5: Is Trading domains is legal in India?

Ans.5: Yes, definitely! Many people do trading of domains in India. The buy it and sell it to make a profit. You can also buy domains at You can get good domains around Rs. 399. Domains are like Real-estates, you buy them and you can also sell them to make profits. Only difference is Real-estates are tangible and domains are non-tangible

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